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Growing up isolated, books were my only friends. I read the Hardy Boys, I read MAD Magazine, I read about Tom Swift and his Electric Meathook, I read nearly anything I could get my hands on.

A childhood filled with text and an academic father granted me the facility with…


We need a new direction. Here’s a case for creating a new party

Image courtesy “Racial Discrimination” group on Facebook

Americans are discontent.

We are unhappy with our political landscape.

We are disillusioned with our leaders.

Civil unrest is at an all-time high.

We need a change, and we need it now.

I’d like to present one change that will do some good.

The Old Guard

In the United States, there are two…

Personal Essay

Are you letting resistance, or the weather, win? Time to fight back!

back of person walking into snow-covered woods
Photo by MIKE STOLL on Unsplash

First things first: We are okay.

We live in Austin, the capital and heart of Texas. And in case you’re wondering, we survived the week-long “freak winter storm” with little or no fallout.

We are grateful. We are most grateful. Texas doesn’t get winter storms that often, yeah — but this year practically the whole state…

Personal Essay

Succeeding at the Game of Medium and also remaining true to one’s self

statue of monk among leaves
Photo by Amanda Flavell on Unsplash

Many articles have been written about “How to Succeed on Medium”. I should know — I’ve read a lot of them. Because yes, it’s true: I really do want to “succeed on Medium.”

But what does that success look like?

Of course, “success” looks different to each of us. Some…


That Feeling When You’re Caught Between One Year and the Next

Photo by Zazen Koan on Unsplash

Welcome to the End of the Year. It’s been a year full of Mondays, hasn’t it?

And it’s all over. Well, not quite. Still, Happy Holidays to you and yours. I feel like I’ve been lax in my well-wishing this year — this year when we’ve all needed as much…

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